Forster's Farm Shop


We are a fifth-generation family run organic farm and, uniquely, we have lived and farmed on the estate surrounding Haigh Woodland Park for 60 years. Our animals graze the surrounding pastures and you will often see them in the fields as you drive in.

We rear organic, grass-fed beef and lamb to sell in our farm shop. We also stock free range chicken and pork, organic vegetables, dairy products and preserves.

First and foremost we are farmers but we are proud of the food we produce and our shop is the perfect place to showcase what we do. From our family to your family, this is food you can trust.

What we offer

As well as our own reared, organic produce, we sell a number of products that we make ourselves. Our policy is organic when possible, then free range and local, which means we also sell quality products from other producers.

Our list of produce includes:

  • Our reared organic beef and lamb
  • Sausages, burgers, and dry cured bacon that we make ourselves
  • Free range chicken and pork
  • Delicious artisan jams, relishes and chutneys
  • Cheeses and other dairy products
  • Organic vegetables
  • Biscuits, puddings and much more.

Our aim is to make your visit to the Park memorable, by taking away a little bit of Haigh to enjoy at home. Delicious foods with great provenance.

We look forward to welcoming you to Forster's Farm Shop.

Parking perks

Don't forget, the Haigh car park is FREE for the first half hour, so it’s easy to call in and pick up a few essentials. If you're visiting for the day, we are more than happy to keep your purchases until you leave.

As an extra thank you, we will pay for your parking when you spend a minimum £20.

How to get in touch

To make an enquiry about our service or see the latest updates, you can: